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Discovering the seabed makes you dream? Are you interested in becoming a diver, exploring the most beautiful sites, being at the heart of a trip under the ocean? Then put on your diving mask and snorkel! Welcome to your new dive center on the web, here is what we offer.

A real virtual logbook of scuba diving

This site is above all a place to discover the marine environment. You will have the opportunity to discover the reefs, the beautiful sites and the corals of the underwater world thanks to numerous underwater photos. Underwater recreation, and underwater diving in particular, is a world of wonder that we hope to share with you. To make this fascinating universe accessible to the greatest number, you will be able to find on the site information intended as well for the curious as for the confirmed divers.
Beginners and curious, we offer you all the necessary information for your first dive! You will be able to more on the popular sites to practice diving, and will also find all the practical details on events like the diving show. If you simply want to initiate yourself to scuba diving during your holidays, we will present you on the site cruises and diving stays that can correspond to all your desires.
Are you one of those people who wants to go further? Do you want to become an experienced diver? Can you imagine swimming perfectly in the middle of moray eels, manta rays, exploring forgotten wrecks or underwater hunting? Are you thinking only of your future diving sessions, your future buddies and your future underwater adventures? In this case, you will appreciate our in-depth articles on diving training or our dive equipment comparisons!


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All the spot to practice Scuba diving

New diver

You want to start diving. Here you”l find all the info needed.

Diving equipment

Reviews, brands and tests about diving equipment. Info about buying and maintenance.

Photos and videos

View photo galleries (animal encounters, ScubaLab gear testing, how-to training guides), get underwater photography tips, read reviews of the latest camera and video gear avalaible.

Diving trips

Here you will find diving trips and dive safaris

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Where to buy scuba diving materials offline and online

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A real virtual diving logbook.
This site is above all a place of discovery of the marine environment.



If you are really motivated, and ready to follow theoretical courses to master from A to Z buoyancy or first aid in addition to practical courses, this site will be a real mine of information for you!

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You will find on the site the practical information on many diving clubs which can propose you initiations.

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Do you need a rebreather, a traditional diving suit?…

So many questions that we will propose to answer!

Training information about scuba diving for all audiences


On our site, whether you wish to practice free diving, technical diving, ice diving, deep diving or scuba diving, you can find a diving center able to meet your expectations. In addition to dealing with all the different types of diving, we will sometimes present information on other water sports, such as kitesurfing. The diversity of the practices and the opening on the other sports is part of the great richnesses of the diving.
You will find on the site the practical information on many diving clubs able to propose you initiations. Many of these clubs can accommodate children. Supervisors will be able to introduce them to scuba diving in complete safety! The initiators will be able to transmit the taste of diving to children as well as to adult beginners. We will also present you the discovery packs adapted to the novices proposed by some diving centers.
You’re not a novice? In this case, you may be interested in our articles on detailed diving levels, on nitrox training or on BPJEPS Scuba Diving, a diploma from the Ministry of Youth and Sports to become an instructor-monitor of diving respecting the sport code, or on the profession of PADI instructor. If you are really motivated, and ready to follow theoretical courses to master from A to Z buoyancy or first aid in addition to practical courses, this site will be a real mine of information for you!
Diving is an activity in which some are reluctant to engage. Indeed, diving accidents or risks related to decompression are often sources of reticence. So, the purpose of this site is also to encourage vocations, and to provide you with the keys so that you too can transmit this passion!

Comparisons and advices on diving equipment

Are you already an experienced diver or instructor? In this case, it is probably our articles on diving equipment that will draw your attention in priority. The equipment you will need will be radically different depending on whether you are a snorkeler or whether you practice diving or teak diving, but the site will offer articles and comparisons adapted to all styles of diving and all budgets. You will also find all the latest equipment and dive shops.
The choice of material is sometimes difficult! Do you need a rebreather, a diving suit or a traditional diving suit? For scuba divers, where to find the best price for scuba tanks, pressure gauges or regulators? Which stabilizer vest to choose? Where to find a cheaper inflation station to equip your club? Do new features, such as the drysuit, offer real benefits? So many questions to which we will propose to answer ! You will also find on the site tutorials, tips and safety instructions to make the most of the equipment presented.



We hope that this site will provide you with all the useful information and motivation to devote yourself fully to diving! Beginners, experienced and professionals, don’t wait any longer: take to the water and sail with us in the world of scuba diving.

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